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Scott Brady

Welcome to health4ni

'Health For Northern Ireland', led by Scott Brady, specialises in personal training and healthy diet plans. Getting individuals & teams stronger, leaner, fitter & healthier with since 2006.
Lose body fat and improve your health & performance

With my expertise and a personalised plan I can help you achieve your goals... FAST!

Using world-leading qualifications in the strength & conditioning field alongside a unique lifestyle service, I offer an easy to follow plan that uses the most efficient and effective exercises and nutritional protocols, so you don't need to spend hours in the gym.

Easily lose body fat Combat stress & improve sleep
Become healthier & happier Improve your fitness levels
Increase your strength Build more muscle
Enhance athletic success Improve team performance

I can help with all of the above and more.

Ladies: to thin your hips and thighs, flatten your tummy, tone up your arms and generally firm up your entire body get in contact with me now for a physical training plan.

Gents: to sculpt your chest and arms, banish that belly and strengthen those legs get in contact with me now for a physical training plan.

As a healthcare practitioner I provide a personalised and unique nutritional lifestyle service called BioHealth. Based on scientific functional medicine, exercise science practices, and an alkaline approach to nutrition I create your own 'BioHealth' plan. The result is improved performance in ALL areas of your life: physical, mental and intellectual. By following your personal plan you will emerge stronger, leaner, healthier, happier, and more energetic.

Find out how to put in less effort and achieve greater results by booking an appointment today. It's time you heard the truth about how to avoid needless years of disappointment and get rapid results NOW.

Get in contact with me now to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

health4ni, led by Scott Brady, is currently based in Belfast and services surrounding areas in Northern Ireland.